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Manufacturing & Production Sector

Classic ERP for planning and production

Entrepreneurial planning of resources such as capital, personnel, operating resources, materials, information and communication technology and IT systems requires enterprise resource planning systems, or ERP for short. We provide you with the SAP-based tools so you can plan, control and monitor your key figures.

Our ERP services


Detailed planning

Advanced Production Planning with SAP HANA

Beyond the standard SAP functions of process and production order processing, including Kanban, the topics listed here complete the portfolio

In addition to the general SAP functions such as long-term, sales, demand and capacity planning, the following specific topics are part of our consulting services

Demand Planning

Best practice solution for flexible planning with a predefined planning infrastructure, automatic selection of forecast models, proprietary version management, and data migration add-ons

Detailed planning

Individually configured graphical planning board

Advanced Production Planning with SAP HANA

MRP Live, PPDS on ERP, PPDS Detailed Scheduling