Plan, shop, stock, sell, procure and analyze replenishments: Do all these activities on a unified IT platform. Connect your workflows and technologies with your customers, suppliers, employees, business processes, and the Internet of Things to unlock higher revenue potential and more relevant customer experiences.


• Fast and agile marketing
• Shopping experiences at the right moment
• omni-channel commerce
• Cooperation in sales support
• Quote-to-Cash
• omni-channel customer service
• Service processes and
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Procurement cycle (Procure to Pay)

• Supplier and contract management
•Operational purchase
• Supplier Management
• Inventory management and warehouse management
• Management of external employees
• Invoice and Accounts Payable Management
• Procurement Analysis
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Logistics planning and -execution

• demand management
• Sales, inventory and operational planning
• Transport Management
• Warehouse Management
• Return and delivery planning
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Optimization of profitability

• Customer analysis in real time
• Procurement Analysis
• logistics networks
• Reimbursements and discounts